Forecasting War: Behind Enemy Lines with Special Operations Weathermen 

They swing like Tarzan, climb like Spider-Man, and think like Einstein. As the Department of Defense’s only commando forecasters, they also gather mission-impossible data from the most hostile places. 


To Catch a Killer Gene: Sisters Race to Stop Mystery Disease

The Linders’ story is personal, of course, but it’s also a public milestone: the first known example of genetic medicine not only identifying a deadly new mutation—akin to the next Huntington’s or Cystic Fibrosis—but of a family banding together to stop a disease before it cuts a path through society itself.

NBC News

Stir it Up: Marley Family to Launch Global Cannabis Brand 

For his legions of fans, Bob Marley was always more than a mega-selling pop star. He was a hero and a prophet, a dread-locked vision of peace, love and justice. Now, Marley’s iconic name and face will front something new: the first global brand of marijuana.” 


Lost for 70 Years, a World War II Bracelet Comes Home

Warren McCauley was a war hero, a recipient of the Bronze Star who helped push Germany out of Italy in 1945. His silver identification bracelet came off somewhere amid 114 days of bloody progress, peak to peak, through the mountains of Tuscany. It didn't stay where it fell. 

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The Suicide Epidemic

Self-harm now takes more lives than war, murder and natural disasters combined. Why are we killing ourselves, and what can we do to stop it?


The Last Dive 

As funding for ocean research dries up, Tony Dokoupil goes on the last manned mission.


L. Ron Hubbard’s Secret Self 

Newly discovered tall tales from the scientology founder’s favorite club.


Dust-Off 73 

In Afghanistan’s ‘Valley of Death,’ a Medevac Team’s Miracle Rescue


The New Pot Barons 

They’re young, well educated, politically savvy—and about to get rich making marijuana legit. 


The Real Indiana Jones

Forrest Fenn has hidden a million dollars of his treasure—and he wants you to find it. 



Panic. Depression. Psychosis. How connection addiction is rewiring our brains.


The Devil in Deryl Dedmon 

In a parking lot in Mississippi, he killed a black man with his truck. He’s in jail for a hate crime—but his black friends disagree.


You got your sperm where?

How to get pregnant fast, cheap—and in public.


The Next Space Race

As NASA's last shuttle takes flight, private companies are rushing to fill the astronaut gap.



Sorry About All the Bombs

William Powell wrote a terrorist bible. Forty Years Later, he revisits his work.


The Last Company Town 

There was a time when employers provided everything: houses, hospitals, bars. Such a place still exists—but not for long. Welcome to Scotia, Calif.


The Lady and the Tramp

Aung San Suu Kyi's American Visitor


They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

Wild mustangs carried pioneers, cowboys and soldiers. Today, they’re being sold for slaughter. Inside an American Dilemma.


Truly, Madly, Deeply

They were talented, successful, and in love. And then they committed suicide. How the technology that infused their work helped destroy them.